Road to Excellence: thought-provoking quotes

Road  to  Excellence

Thought-provoking quotes

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  • Each day you get better or worse (there is no standing still). It’s your choice.
  • Be committed to your faith, your family, and your company…  in that order.
  • Write it down  -don’t rely on your memory (it only takes forgetting one thing to lose credibility).
  • Don’t just talk about it.  Do it!
  • Don’t confuse efforts with results.
  • Do what you said you were going to do, when you said you were going to do it, and how you said you were going to do it (if you want to be trusted and respected).
  • Stop, listen, and think before you respond.
  • Believe in yourself.  If you don’t, who will?
  • Remember that none of us is more important than the team.
  • It’s not how much you know… but how much you accomplish with what you know… that is important.

Why move to Ubuntu Linux as Operating System on your Company?

Cost reduction & Efficiency gain. Proposal for small-to-large Companies.
Why move to Ubuntu Linux as Operating System on your Company?
During the last few years a tremendous need to be more effective and reduce cost force to came up with more creative solutions.
– At the same time, under the Free and Open Source Software concept, lots of programs and Operating System distributions are by now as effective as their commercial equivalents.
– By today, the most popular free Operating System Distribution based on Linux is Ubuntu (

Estimated Software Cost (per average PC)
Windows XP $ 299.99
– MS Office Professional $ 499.99
– Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard $ 284.99
– McAfee Total Protection $ 79.99

Approximate total cost
Windows XP not preinstalled $1,164.96
Windows XP preinstalled $ 864.97

– Linux (Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, etc) $ 0.00
– OpenOffice (compatible with MSOffice) $ 0.00
– Export directly to PDF (already included on OpenOffice) $ 0.00
– Virus protection $ 0.00
Approximate cost $ 0.00

Avoidance of 100% of software investment

Why to use Ubuntu Linux?
Its Free. Why to pay (even with a corporate discount) if you can get it for free? Not only is the operating system free but the software is as well. Ubuntu includes an office suite and many other programs for free and as good as the commercial versions.
Low requirements and high performance. Ubuntu can run on 512MB RAM and it will feel like you are using a gigabyte on Windows Vista. The OS requires barely any specs to run but it is still powerful. This help to keep hardware expenses to the minimum
Run smooth even on old computers. Ubuntu doesn’t require any new hardware to run the operating system and software. This is perfect for providing a computer to areas where to have a computer is not critical but could be helpful.
Compatible with MS Office. Most of the current files currently used through the companies are on one of the MS Office formats. OpenOffice provides compatibility with these formats.
Immune to Windows viruses. Because Ubuntu inherit from Unix is built with high security approach.
Very intuitive desktop, easy to learn. An average Windows user easily can intuitively learn the Operating System in 1 day to 1 week at the most.
Desktop on the local language. This feature helps to reduce even more the learning curve, and speed up the use of ‘advance’ features improving the efficiency

Proposal for your Business
Run a test on 1 to 10 computers on your company to detect potential issues and concerns.
– Identify Linux users within your employees to make easier the learning ramp-up.
– Run a test on medium services like printer and file servers.

IT Support
Support can be provided by your IT area like is actually done
– Commercial support and training programs are also available from Canonical Ltd (
– Conduct a cost/benefit analysis to determine what is the best option for your company

Hardware Companies already sell PCs or Servers with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled: IBM, Dell, Among others
– Systems that have passed Canonical’s hardware validation tests (for specific models refer to IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Quanta, Toshiba, among others.

Potential Stoppers
– Compatibility with VBA Macros.
– Full compatibility with Exchange server.
– Windows specific business applications with no Linux equivalent.
– Hardware compatibility.